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Are You Looking for a Qualified Podiatrist to Perform Dry Needling Treatment?


What is Dry Needling exactly?

Dry Needling is a needling method, similar to acupuncture, used to reduce pain by stimulating muscle trigger points.

Whilst similar to acupuncture, it follows slightly different rationale to traditional Chinese methods.

With increased awareness of benefits of the therapy, the treatment method is being used more by practitioners including Osteopaths, Myotherapists, Physio and Podiatrists.

By using the muscles trigger points, dry needling can affect the muscles by leading them to switch off or reduce the strength of contraction.


What are the benefits of Dry Needling?

Trigger point dry needling method has shown to result in a change in the nerves, making the muscles relax and produce analgesia.

The needles used are called filament needles. They are extremely fine and cause patients relatively minimal pain during insertion.

Dry Needling by Podiatrists

Dry Needling is performed as part of an overall treatment plan and will not be used alone, to treat a foot problem or injury.

Our Podiatrists have completed the extra study to be qualified to perform Dry Needling as part of our Podiatry Services.