Foot Problems


Stress Fracture Foot

Our feet are under constant stress every day. From simply just standing in one place to running long distances, the bones in the feet have to bear the weight of the entire body with each step taken. So it is not surprising to hear that the bones in the feet can be vulnerable to stress reactions and fractures.

Foot Arch Pain

The ‘arch’ of the foot, on the medial or inside of the foot is a common area for injuries and pain. It acts as the “shock absorber” of the foot and is lined by different tendons and muscles that support the bones of the foot. However, in some patients, these muscles and tendons can be overloaded due to mechanical factors and excess stress through the area. This can cause significant pain that can stop people from exercising and limit their daily activities. This article will cover this pain in a bit more detail.


Treatment for Blisters on Feet

At one point in life, every one of us has suffered from blisters on your feet. A blister is a small fluid bubble that is seen under the surface of the skin. They are filled with clear fluid called serum, and are usually caused by rubbing, irritation or pressure on the skin.

This article will briefly cover what foot blisters are, how they are formed and what can be done to treat them.

What are Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels are a common skin condition where the skin surrounding your heel becomes hard, dry and begins to crack.

In this article we will discuss why we get cracked heels, the treatments available for cracked heels and measures you can take to prevent getting cracked heels in the first place.


Ankle Injuries: The Types, Causes and Treatment

Ankle injuries are very common and most of us will suffer at least some form of mild ankle injury in our lifetime.

They can occur from simple activities like just walking on an uneven surface, wearing unstable or high-heeled footwear, or tripping over something.

More commonly ankle injuries can occur during physical activity, specifically cross-training sports where the participant is required to change direction at speed.

It is fairly common in younger individuals who tend to be a lot more active, however ankle injuries can affect those of all ages.




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