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Children's Foot Problems: Assessment and Treatment

Children's Feet and Why They Have Problems

Children's feet are susceptible to many different foot problems.

This is because your children's feet are growing quickly and undergoing rapid change.

One of the simplest ways to prevent children's foot problems is to ensure that your child wears appropriate footwear from an early age.

This will help improve their gait, foot posture and help reduce the possibility of future injuries.

How Much Do Podiatry Orthotics Cost?

Are you looking to find out how much custom orthotics cost in Melbourne?

At Pivotal Podiatry Clinic, we understand orthotics can be expensive, so we don't pressure you to get orthotics...

...instead, our experienced Podiatrists provide a full clinical assessment of your individual foot problems and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

In many cases, people don't need orthotics.

We will NOT prescribe orthotics to you if they are unnecessary.

Podiatrist Gait & Biomechanics Analysis

What is Gait Analysis?

Put simply, Gait Analysis is a technique used to evaluate the way we walk or run to determine if any biomechanical irregularities exist.

Gait Assessment is the key way to identify irregular forces affecting the joints, muscles and ligaments that may be causing mobility issues or foot pain.

People that undergo Gait Assessments include Athletes with persistent lower limb overuse injuries, toddlers and infants that display excessive intoed walking, and children that complain of heel pain.

Further Investigations for Foot Problems Melbourne

Sometimes it is necessary, to determine exactly what is happening with your foot, under the skin's surface.

In these situations, your Podiatrist will be able to refer you for scans to determine what the cause of your foot problem could be. 

Podiatrists are able to refer patients for X-Ray, Ultrasound Scanning and Pathology were required to support the precise diagnosis of your foot problems.

X-Ray Imaging is requested for a number of reasons including:

Dry Needling Foot Treatment

What is Dry Needling exactly?

Dry Needling is a needling method, similar to acupuncture, used to reduce pain by stimulating muscle trigger points.

Whilst similar to acupuncture, it follows slightly different rationale to traditional Chinese methods.

With increased awareness of benefits of the therapy, the treatment method is being used more by practitioners including Osteopaths, Myotherapists, Physio and Podiatrists.

Diabetics Foot Problems: Podiatry Foot Care, Management and Treatment

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where you experience high levels of sugar in the blood because the body is either unable to respond to it properly or does not produce enough.

People who experience Diabetes - have an increased risk of having severe foot problems.

This is due to the impact of high sugar levels on your feet.

These potential foot problems are relevant to people who suffer from both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Orthotics

Are you Looking for Orthotics in Melbourne?

At the Pivotal Podiatry Clinic, we appreciate that Orthotics can be expensive and we won't pressure you into getting custom orthotics...

...instead, our qualified Podiatrists will provide you with a full Orthotics assessment and advise a suitable treatment plan for your unique foot problems.

We won't prescribe you orthotics if they’re not needed.

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