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Are you looking for high-quality Podiatry Services in Melbourne?


Our Podiatry Services aim to look after the foot care needs of our patients.

We are dedicated to providing our patients with the most up to date, evidence-based, Podiatry services available.

Our comprehensive range of Podiatry Services cover a wide variety of foot problems, that can occur during the different stages of life.

If you have any other questions you may have about our Podiatry Services, please call our clinic on (03) 9939 3339 to speak to our Podiatrist.



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Children’s Foot Assessments

Your children begin to walk at a young age. When they first start walking most children are flat-footed. This normal, due to the growth phase that muscles and ligaments in the foot are undergoing.

Other common foot problems children experience include: feet that turn inwards or outwards, heel pains, abnormal shaped toes, foot stiffness and ingrown toe nails. If you are concerned about your children’s feet or gait [foot strike], see your doctor or podiatrist for a check up. Read more >>


Diabetic Foot Care and Management

Diabetes can have a significant impact on the health of your feet. Your feet stay healthy with the constant supply of blood. And with the use of the nervous system, to send signals to you when there is something wrong with your feet. Such as a cut or stone in your feet. Because Diabetes can cause nerve damage, some of these signals might not be getting to the brain to let you know their is a problem.

A lot of people who have diabetes, obtain foot complications when conditions go unnoticed and untreated. Also diabetes related poor circulation can hinder your feet receiving enough bloody supply to remain healthy and heal wounds when injuries occur. Regular checkups with a Podiatrist can help with the management and identification of foot problems for people with diabetes. Read more >>


Dry Needling Treatment

Dry Needling uses trigger points in the muscles to help treat foot problems. The needles, when placed in trigger points, can provide the muscles to relax. Without the use of prescription medication. Read more >>


Foot Pain Assessments and Maintenance

Many people suffer from foot pains. Foot pains are fairly common and can be alleviated via treatment. There can be a variety of reasons for your foot pain, as each person is different and places their feet through different stresses. Podiatrist’s are trained to diagnose the causes and develop treatment plans to help resolve foot pain.


Footwear Assessments, Advice and Recommendations

Having correctly fitting shoes, that provide the right functionality for the activity they will be used for, is very important to reduce the risk of falling and injury.

Our Podiatrist, Leah Waters, has extensive knowledge and training in selecting appropriate footwear from working at Active Feet. If you are having troubles with selecting footwear for your foot type and activity, a podiatrist can recommend a suitable pair for you. Read more >>


Further Investigation like X-Ray

Podiatrist’s are able to refer patients to obtain imaging services, like X-Ray, to see what is happening underneath the skin. This will ensure that the correct diagnoses can be determined by your Podiatrist, for your ailment.


Gait and Running Analysis

Podiatrist’s are able to assess your gait by video you walking on a treadmill. This helps with identify any abnormalities affecting joints and limb movements, which may be causing injuries to your feet.

Assesments are conducting barefoot, in shoes and with orthotics to see the different gaits. Running analysis can be performed as well on athletes, who are looking to minimise the number of injuries from their running style.


General Podiatry like Nail Care

General Podiatry treatments and footcare are quite common. Toenail problems that Podiatrist’s treat include ingrowns, fungal infections and nail deformaties.


Orthotic Prescription and Alterations

custom made orthoticsSometimes referred to as Orthoses, Orthotics are the inserts that podiatrist’s can prescribe to help correct alignment of your feet.

Orthotics are worn by people ranging from elite athletes to young children.

When designing a care plan with orthotics, each individual persons foot is treated differently.

The comprehensive plan includes: full assesment of foot problem prior to prescription, prescription of orthotics within patients budget, detailed follow up appointments to monitor progress, alteration and re-assesment of orthosis. Read more >>


Oxfam TrailWalker Team Preparation

Preparation for the Oxfam Walk is essential to ensure that your feet complete the event in one piece.

Our Podiatrist, Leah Waters, has been a volunteer at the Oxfam TrailWalker event since 2006 and has helped prepare many teams to compete. She can provide advice on footwear, strapping, socks, stretching, foot comfort and training. This can be in the format of a one-one consultation or whole team presentations. Read more >>



Sports Injury Management

Podiatrist’s treat many sports injuries. If you are having problems with your lower leg, ankle or foot, a Podiatrist is well placed to assess and treat your concerns. A Podiatrist will analyze the factors that have contributed to your injury, to help devise an appropriate treatment plan.


Surgical Podiatry

Podiatrist’s are able to perform minor surgey. The most common surgical procedure a Podiatrist performs in Partial Nail Avulsion, where problem toenails are removed.

This is for people who continually suffer re-occurring ingrown toe nails. If more complicated surgery is required, a Podiatrist is able to refer you onto the appropriate surgeon.